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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Flexibility day to day

I decided to start a list of conscious decisions I have made this week to increase my flexibility while working and see what the outcomes were/ are:

- Cellphones can be kept on the desk and used as a reference tool-  previously, cellphones were to be turned off during class time.

-  When compiling a student list and dividing into groups- I did not stipulate that there were to be no group changes (as with previous lists).  I put out the timetable and the group lists together- a few weeks in advance of normal

-  I had a 2 hr slot (8-10 am) allocated but only 1 hr of teaching to be completed.  I asked students what time they wanted to start...  (OK, so this is small but hey! I was being flexible!).  The outcome I thought would be 9-10 but actually the students chose 8.30-9.30 so they had a 1/2 hr break to get a coffee before their next class.

I worked with Annette this week on activity one- we had an interesting discussion that ventured into many different areas (and pontificating about flexibility not necessarily just to the task at hand).  I will post my views next.


  1. I loved this post :) I loved the way you have been honest and already thought about small changes to make. As for cell phones, how are you going to map students' use of cell phones? What have you noticed about their use of cell phones thus far?

  2. Hi Sarah, Students have used it to look at the time, and some have received texts or calls as well. Some have used for recording and taking quick calendar notes. The jury (me) is still out- texting still occurs- but I doodle/ scribble/ draw as I listen at times as a student but I still listen - so maybe a texting is the new 'doodle/ scribble'?
    Its only been a week so I will keep observing.